Advanced Machine Learning Applications

AMLA provides technical consulting services for big data analysis and software solutions using machine learning methods


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Vaidehi Iyer

Founder & CEO

What we do

Understanding the problem

Developing or selecting the algorithm

Preparing the data

Feature Engineering

Often the most difficult part of the project is understnding the problem and customer requirements. We work with our customers to understand their requirements and criteria of success so that our project enhances customer's business as a whole.
Though there have certainly been successful projects using “raw” data, in most cases good feature engineering can make a big difference to performance. We collaborate with top  subject-matter experts to design the most efficient approach for each project.
While most of the typical problems can be solved using known algorithms based on classification, regression or recommendation, we will develop new algorithms for the unusual and difficult tasks.
Sometimes the data provided by the customer are ready to be used. In most cases however they are not. We'll apply our expertize in data preparation to make sure that we can use the data in the most efficient way.

Evaluation and improvements

Deployment and Integration

Data Analysis

Production software development

Our extensive expertise and experience in data analysis empowers us to guarantee a thorough analysis of the customers' data. We report our findings in detail. and visualize them. If desired, we will visualize learning in process and/or the inside representations.
Depending on the contract requirements, we can either just build the core algorithm, or follow the algorithm development with the conversion to deployment language and embedding the algorithm into an application. There are different areas of expertise required for each step of this process, but we have experts in all of them.
As required, we'll integrate our algorithms into a production environment, inculing “big data” production environment, using cluster, GPU, or other high-performance compute and data storage/management resources.
In our experience we have often found that, especially with good feature engineering, a simple classifier can produce great performance. To assure that we achieve the best possible results we pivot and grid search as needed on parameters, classifier size, and algorithms.

Career Opportunities

Amla is dedicated to educating and providing opportunities to new generation in rapidly growing hi-tech industry. We are fully invested in success of our employees and are trying to attract, mentor and develop early career talent. Our commitment starts at recruitment.

We are hiring!  Are you a good match for Amla?  Here are some qualities we are looking for:
  • Desire to learn - at Amla, we want to learn as long as we breathe. If you are willing to learn new things every day - welcome on board!
  • Self-motivation and initiative - we are looking for people who are not afraid to try new appoaches and suggest creative solutions.
  • Pride and dedication - if your work was easy, we would do it ourselves ... Just kidding, but seriously - we know that the work is not always fun. We admire people who challenge themselves and make an extra effort to achieve their goals, who don't give up easily and are proud of their successes.
  • Teamwork - we don't believe you can be successful at Amla on your own, we can only be successful together. Teamwork is essential for everything we do.
  • Openness and generosity - we are looking for people who are happy to share their knowledge and help the others.
  • Committment to a professional and personal growth - we would like to provide everyone at Amla with the best working environment. We need to rely on each of our employees to achieve this goal.

We are dedicated to training and development of our employees - we want everyone at Amla to grow with our company and stay marketable in the field.

We believe in effective and honest communication.  Everyone in the company needs to know - and be updated on a regular basis - how the organization is doing and what they can do to help. We especially value any feedback that helps us to do our job better.

We want everyone who decides to leave Amla for any reason to have good memories from their time with us.  We hope that everyone will enhance their skills and capabilities at Amla.

Train people well enough so they can leave; Treat them well enough so they don't want to. -Sir Richard Branson