This page is about Amla

AMLA is about commitment

At AMLA, we are committed to our customers.  We are dedicated to apply the most advanced modern techniques we know to any problem we are trusted to help with.  We are constantly learning new things and reinventing our approaches to improve performance and provide the highest quality solutions. We are looking for new creative ways to reduce our operational costs and overheads, so that we can offer competitive rates and give our customers more while charging them less.
At AMLA, we are committed to people we bring in. Our success as a company is based on the individual success of each and every of our employees.  As leaders, we strive to exemplify the principles of servant leadership. We are dedicated to the growth of every individual within the organization.
At AMLA, we are committed to our guiding principles, known as AMLA Way. We believe that our bottom line is not expressed in dollars and cents. Our bottom line is the kind of difference that we make in the lives of people around us, our customers, employees, colleagues, friends and families - and in our communities.

AMLA is about trust

We trust each other to do the right thing and strive for the best. We bring to AMLA people who we can trust.

AMLA is about efficiency

Doing things the right way means doing things efficiently.  We constantly watch for blockers and obstacles, and remove them.

AMLA is about dedication

We are not afraid to put an extra effort when it is necessary to achieve our goals.